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  • Stimulants

They have labels that claim to burn fat, burn calories, and increase metabolism. They have the likelihood of making you feel on the edge, jittery, and end up causing the heart to race.

The most usual ingredients include caffeine found in three coffee cups, or green tea extracts.

  • Appetite suppressants

Appetite suppressants kill pangs of hunger and end up making you feel full. High soluble fiber increases satiety, and creates gastrointestinal issues which include diarrhea, bloating, and gas. Hoodia is a common ingredient that has claims of quelling hunger. Many times hormone replacement therapy will help level out your imbalances in the body. So going to a professional hormone replacement therapy clinic will do the trick. These are usually located as stand along clinics or in an IV Hydration Therapy facility or local pharmacy in Palm Beach. Psyllium and green tea extract are also common components of suppressants.


What are Sulfa Allergies

Sulfa allergies occur when the individual has allergic reactions to drugs that contain sulfonamides chemicals. Check your local pharmacy in Richmond to see if they offer this. Sulfa is basically a constituent of a few antibiotics among other medications. Both pharmacists and doctors use drugs that have sulfa in treating several complications like eye infections, skin disorders and rheumatoid arthritis.

Even though sulfite and sulfa have similar names, you need to understand their difference as a user. Sulfites are utilized as preservatives and additives in most foods and wines. Sulfa is also very different from sulfur and sulfates. Sulfites occur naturally in foodstuffs and sulfa medications not. These are two allergic reactions that are very different from each other and you don’t need to confuse them. Don’t avoid drinks and foods that are rich in sulfites just because you suffer from sulfa allergies. 

Both sulfite and sulfa medications can result into allergic reactions. However, the two conditions don’t have any relationship. An individual with sulfa allergies will not necessarily have allergic reactions to sulfites. Therefore, there does not exist a cross-reactivity between the two. This article will assist you to gain more insights about sulfa allergies. We will also focus on some of the medications you need to avoid, treatment, and other complications.